A place to unwind.


Ojai, which takes it's name from the Chumash Indian word A'hwai, meaning "nest" or "moon" is a speacial place with a long history of reverence and appreciation for agriculture, the arts, education and the human spirit. The city is nestled withn the Ojai Valley, a tiny sun-drenched, east-to-west laying valley10 miles long and three miles wide that closely resembles the look and climate of either Tuscany or the south of France.

With it's richness in physical beauty and culteral history, the valley attracts artists, entrepreneurs, activists and actors. Ojai is a lovely land of coastal oaks and lush groves of citrus, olive and avacados. The views are legendary. The sight from the top of Dennison Grade is so extraordinary that it was portrayed as Shangri-La in the legendary movie "Lost Horizon". At the end of the day you are privilged to witness Ojai's "pink moment", when the Topa Topa Mountains display an otherworldly pink hue.

The Ojai Valley offers horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, paragliding, rock climbing, shopping in historic downtown Ojai, theater, many art galleries, a skate park, yoga retreats, world-renowned spas, musicians, a whole calendar full of festival events you won't want to miss, our natural hot springs, wineries and the Ventura County Wine Trail. You can also enjoy fishing for trophey large mouth bass and a water park with a lazy river at Lake Casitas and on Sunday you can enjoy our wonderful Certified Farmers' Market.

There are so many amazing restraunts and family owned shops, you will need to come back agin and again to experience them all.


Ojai has it all!